Wendy Robertson

Wendy Robertson lives in South Durham with her husband and has two grown-up children. Having taught History and Art in schoolswendy and then Education in college, she has published many novels and short stories, both historical and contemporary, as well as three short story collections and a memoir of her writing life – The Romancer.

She has just published Paulie’s Web, a novel about women emerging from prison –based on insights culled from working for some years as Writer in Residence in a women’s prison. She is currently enjoying the final edit  on an epic historical  novel set in Celtic -Roman Britain.Wendy writes the occasional article and now as well as writing a novel each year she is enjoying writing her widely read writer’s blog A Life Twice Tasted at >www.lifetwicetasted.blogspot.com.

See her blog for her views on writing, her advice on the writing progress and details of her other published novels.


‘A powerful writer.’ Mail on Sunday

‘A terrific read. A world on the cusp of change and we experience it intimately.’ Historical Novels Review.

‘Wonderful….Robertson deftly intertwines two time periods, slowly absorbing one into the other through the remarkably likeable protagonist.’ Booklist USA

‘A great storyteller… she weaves another tale with ideas that still resonate when the story’s over.’ Northern Echo.

‘Wendy Robertson is a rare breed – a writer with an exquisite gift for creating vivid, relatable characters.’ Scottish Daily Record.

Wendy Robertson ~ for a complete list of books by Wendy  visit Wendy’s Author page at Amazon ~

Visist Wendy’s blog at Lifetwicetasted

Wendy’s RoomtoWrite publications:




Cruelty Games

CruRachel, an idealistic young teacher tries to make changes in the lives of her tough pupils. The school – tough as it is – is a haven for Rachel’s pupil Ian Sobell, whose mother neglects him and whose grandmother abuses him. One of Rachel’s adventurous projects leads her class to a place where, hundreds of years before, a boy hung for days in a gibbet until he died in agony: a punishment for the murder of his employers children.

Events on this day have a disastrous impact on the lives of both Rachel and Ian: a shock which lasts nearly two decades before they both move on to some kind of resolution, triggered by Rachel meeting Ian again after sixteen years.
‘This novel was inspired by my experience teaching in schools where I worked with pupils like Ian who soldiered on under great difficulty, walking the line between violence and normalcy every day. I also know that their desperation and stress is often mirrored in the plight of good, sensitive teachers who have to deal with the ambiguity of children who may be seen as evil.’ Wendy Robertson


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