Kitty Fitzgerald

kittyKitty Fitzgerald has written four well-received novels and has been published in 20 countries. Her most recent, Pigtopia (Faber) was a finalist in the fiction section of the Barnes & Noble Discover New Writers’ Awards.

She has also written four radio plays for BBC Radio 4; eight theatre plays, and one screenplay – and has had several writing awards.

In 2012 she was awarded a Hoskings Houses Trust Bursary to complete her short story collection, Miranda’s Shadow (IRON Press 2013). She was shortlisted for the 2013 William Trevor/Elizabeth Bowen International Short Story Award and The Highlands & Islands Short Story Award.

kitty readingIn 2009 her story, The Bones of St Ignatious won the Latitude Festival, Notes from the Underground short story competition.

In 2007 she was Creative Writing Fellow at Leeds University and has been a visiting lecturer at several other universities, including Northumbria University.

She works regularly as a tutor at residential writing centres, in the community and in schools.

She has edited three collections of short stories for IRON Press, IRON Women (1990) Biting Back (2001) and Root (2013).



Miranda’s Shadow, Kitty Fitzgerald’s debut short story collection, brings together sharp, provocative stories full of rich details. The collection is full of Irish legends, caged girls, shadow chasing, finding love, escaping the clutches of evil MPs and talkative parrots…Fitzgerald peels back the veneer of society and is not afraid to delve into controversial topics. I will definitely read Fitzgerald’s novels after reading this collection.”
Jessica Patient, The View from Here

The collection is varied, intriguing and compelling, with each story having a distinctly different ‘edge’ to distinguish it from the others.
Natalie Moreland, Mojo Mums

Enthralling and gripping
Lifestyle Magazine, August 2013

All in all, Miranda’s Shadow exhibits a sweeping imagination that fuses the morals of daily life with fantasy.

If I had realised that this was a collection of short stories, I would not have chosen to read it, and would have missed a fantastic book and author.

Take a look at Kitty’s new novel from Room To Write –   Identity


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